Polywin Industries is a leading manufacturer of Flexible Building Household Wires and Cables such as PVC single core cable, rubber cables, flexible cables, multi core round flexible cables, instrumentation cables and copper control cable from Jaipur. We manufacture household and building flexible wires and cables which come in a variety of colours and feature the low friction jacket designed to improve installation even under the most difficult conditions. Polywin produces one of the widest range of types of building wires, all intended for use as elements of the indoor electrical grid in various types of buildings such as houses, blocks of flats, and commercial and industrial buildings. Our high quality copper building wire is manufactured to Indian and international standards and delivers long-term, reliable performance in many types of building applications.

Building Wire Applications

Building wire is used to carry electricity into or within buildings and structures, and can be employed for a variety of commercial and residential applications – including electrical wiring systems, power generators, motors and electrical lights. Stranded copper wire is used for overhead electrical transmission and distribution, and for grounding electrical systems where high conductivity and flexibility is required.

Distinguishing Features :


The most acceptable metal for conductor is copper due to its high conductivity. POLYWRAP winding wires are manufactured using electrolytic grade copper with more than 100% conductivity and 99.97% purity to ensure compliance with International Standards.


The insulation process is carried out of modern high speed extrusion lines with high accuracy, ensuring consistence in performance. PVC used as insulator, which is specially formulated, has good dielectric and physical properties.

The main Characteristics of PVC Compound are as follows:

  • High dielectric strength
  • Permanence: Physical and Electrical properties will not deteriorate even under severe aging conditions
  • High Insulating Resistance Properties
  • Thermal Compatibility and High Mechanical Strength
  • Permanent Colours
  • Single Core Building wires in Voltage Grade 1100 V

STANDARD COLORS: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Green.

STANDARD LENGTH: 90 Meter Coils in Protective Carton. Project Coils of 180/270 meters are also available.

Note: The conductor construction given above is indicative only and will be such that all requirements to strand diameter and conductor resistance as per IS: 694 and IS: 8130 are met. Polywin Industries will not liable for damages arising due to incorrect installations.

Nominal Area of Conductor Number/Nom. Dia of wire Insulation Thickness Max Overall Diameter Maximum Resistance
mm2 #/mm mm mm Ω/km
1.00 14/0.30* 0.7 2.8 18.10
1.50 22/0.30* 0.7 3.2 12.10
2.50 36/0.30* 0.8 3.8 7.41
4.00 56/0.30* 0.8 4.4 4.95
6.00 84/0.30* 0.8 5.2 3.30
10.00 140/0.30* 1.0 6.6 1.91

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