• Submersible Winding Wire

    Specially insulated winding wire which can withstand at extremely high temperature and mechanical abrasion.

  • Building Wire

    PVC insulated copper wire with excellent Flame Retardant properties.

  • Armoured Industrial Cable

    Premium quality multi core steel wire armoured power cables with copper conductor.

  • Copper Wire Products

    Drawn and bunched copper wire by using EC Grade copper which contains 99.96 to 99.98 % pure copper.

  • Committed To Quality

    Polywin is committed to achieve customer satisfaction by providing quality products on time.

Precision, Performance and Reliability in Widest Range of Quality Copper Wire Products.

We manufacture high quality wire and cables under the brand name POLYWRAP. The wires are specially insulated to insure full capability to withstand extremely high temperature and mechanical abrasion. We are considered to be among the best submersible wire manufacturer & supplier in India. Mr. R. P. Sharma, CEO


Don't lower your expectations to meet product performance. We raise the level of performance to meet your expectations.


In all our products, precision and perfection are not a dispensable luxury, but a simple necessity for our customers.


Our customers take it for granted that our wires and cables will work because we have built reliability into each of them.


Quality in a service or product is not what we put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of the product or service.

Our Products

We manufacture a very wide range of copper wire products. See the complete range

Submersible Winding Wire
Flat Cable
Single Core Wire
Multi Core Wire
About our company

Polywin Industries - An ISO:9001 Certified Company

Polywin Industries, Jaipur established in 1990, is one of India's leading manufacturer of copper wire products and cables under the brand name of "Polywin"and "Polywrap"

Polywrap brand of Submersible Winding Wire has earned industry acclaim for quality, reliability and performance. We are among the best submersible wire manufacturer and supplier in India.

Why work with us?

  • Made With India's No. 1 Tape Technology,
  • An ISO:9001 Certified Company
  • Committed to No Compromise on Quality
  • Decades of Industry Experience
  • The Widest Range of Copper Wire Products
  • An Award Winning Enterprise

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