Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

At Polywin's state of art vertically integrated manufacturing facility, out team works with the latest manufacturing technology to manufacture international quality copper wire products. Our stringent quality control processes of continuous process monitoring ensures uniform quality of copper wire products.

  • Latest technology, up-to-date knowledge, rich expertise and decades of experience.
  • Products designed, manufactured and tested as per standards and specifications
  • Continuous improvement in product design and implementation of latest process technology
  • Cost effective manufacturing, ethical business practices and transparent dealings


Polywin integrated copper wire manufacturing

Our Manufacturing Process Flow

Wire Drawing

The most acceptable metal for conductor is copper due to its high conductivity. POLYWRAP winding wires are manufactured using electrolytic grade copper with more than 100% conductivity and 99.97% purity to ensure compliance with International Standards. Copper rod procured from reputed manufacturer such as Hindustan Copper, Birla Copper, is being sent to wire drawing unit to draw the same as per our required size. Copper wires after drawing are being tested as per our stringent quality standards which match with the International Standards.

Wire Drawing

Tape Slitting & Printing

Polywin is having in-house BOPP tap printing and slitting facility. BOPP and Polyester tap procured from the reputed manufacturer is being tested by quality department before processing further. After printing the logo on the BOPP/ Polyester tap, the same is being cut as per the requirement of the production.  

>Tape Slitting

BOPP/ Polyester Insulation

The wire is issued for insulation only if it passes our stringent quality controls.  In insulation process, copper wire shall be covered by Polyester film & BOPP tape with minimum three layers or as per requirement of the customer. After insulation, spooling shall be done by unwinding the wire in coil shape. After this, coils shall be put in Heating Chamber for heat sealing. We take out the wire after the specified time from Heating Chamber and then keep it for cooling.  When wire is at normal temperature we carry out the various testing and make the coils.

Polyester Insulation


Enamelled Copper Wire is a wire coated with a thin layer of enamel (varnish) insulation. Manufacturing is being done by the fully automatic machines. This wire is being used mainly in the construction of motors, electromagnets, transformers and inductors.

Enameling Wire

PVC Insulation & Sheathing

Cable manufacturing unit of Polywin does the PVC insulation on the drawn bunched wire. In insulation process, bunched copper wire shall be covered by the PVC layer. Colour coding of PVC layering of bunched wire is being done as per standard. After testing the wire is being cut as per the standard sizes and packed in the respective boxes.

To make cables, bunched core (PVC insulated wire) is being covered with the sheath. As per requirement cores are being bunched together to make two/ three or four core cable. We use high quality PVC granule to make insulation and sheathing. After testing the cables are being coiled in the wooden spools as per the requirement of the customer.    

PVC Insulation

Testing & Quality Control

Polywin is having all the facility of testing of its all the products as per the Industry standard.  All the products range is being routed through the stringent quality control parameters. After all the processes and testing we pack and dispatch the products as per the requirements of the customer.

Quality Control