Polywin Industries is a leading manufacturer of Submersible Pump Three Core PVC Insulated Flat Cables which play a very important role in working of Submersible Motors. They Work under extreme stress and water submersion conditions and perform consistently over long periods of time

Polywin 3 Core Flat Cables are manufactured keeping in mind the severe and difficult conditions they are required to operate. The individual Flexible conductors are made from electrolytic grade bright copper. The wires are drawn, annealed and bunched properly to ensure long life. Each of these three flexible copper conductors is insulated with a specially formulated PVC compound and the cores are laid up in Flat Parallel position. The outer sheath of the cables is made from a 3 Core Submersible Flat Cable in Voltage Grade 1100 V.

The PVC insulated and sheathed 3 core flat cables are used for giving electrical connection to the submersible pump motors. These are manufactured keeping in mind the severe, tough and difficult conditions in which they have to operate. The slot available in the tube well being narrow the shape of the cables has to be suited for such an application. These cables conform to and are marked IS 694: 1990 up to 4.0 sq. mm. The sizes above 4.0 cables generally conform to IS 694 : 1990.

Distinguishing Features :


Conductor for Cables are drawn from electrolytic grade copper to ensure compliance with global standards. Annealed conductors are bunched together on custom built heavy duty bunching machines to impart concrete to the conductor.


To manufacture submersible flat cables, the insulated cores are laid up side by side to from a flat oblong shape. Inner cores are coded for identification as per National/International coding system or as per customer's specifications.

Outer sheathing is provided with special soft PVC compound to minimize chances of electrical failure and water seepage which may cause damage to expensive submersible pump motor.

STANDARD COLORS: Red, Yellow, Blue for cores and Black for Sheath.

STANDARD LENGTH: 500 Meter in protective Drums. Variable Lengths available as per customer requirements.

Note: The Conductor construction given above is indicative only and will be such that all requirements of strand diameter and conductor resistance as per IS:694 and IS:8130 are met. Polywin Industries will not be liable for damages arising due to incorrect installations.

Nominal Area of Conductor
(sq. mm)
Nominal Thickness of Insulation
Nominal Thickness of Sheath
Approx Overall Dia of Cable (mm)
Two Core Three Core
0.5 0.6 0.9 7.2 x 4.9 9.6 x 4.9
0.75 0.6 0.9 7.8 x 5.2 10.5 x 5.2
1.0 0.6 0.9 8.0 x 5.4 11.0 x 5.4
1.5 0.6 0.9 8.6 x 5.6 10.7 x 5.3
2.5 0.7 1.0 10.5 x 6.6 13.0 x 6.2
4.0 0.8 1.0 12.0 x 7.4 15.3 x 7.1
6.0 0.8 1.1 13.0 x 8.0 19.2 x 8.4
10.0 1.0 1.4 16.0 x 9.6 24.2 x 10.4
16.0 1.0 1.4 18.5 x 11.0 29.0 x 12.4
25.0 1.2 2.0 22.5 x 13.0 36.5 x 15.7
35.0 1.2 2.0 25.5 x 14.5 40.5 x 17.2
50.0 1.4 2.2 29.0 x 16.5 46.5 x 19.3
70.0 1.4 2.2 - 52.0 x 21.0
95.0 1.6 2.4 - 61.0 x 24.5

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