Polywin Industries is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of enamelled winding wires. These are used for winding of electrical machines such as motors, generators, transformers, house hold appliances, auto-electrical, electrical hand tools, refrigeration motors, fans, switchgears, coils and relays, ballasts etc. These wires are manufactured using best quality material directly purchased from the manufacturers and advance technology under the strict guidance of our professionals. Polywin has worked with the industry standards and has developed a complete range of super enamelled round copper wire and enamelled round copper wire.

Enamelled round copper wire and magnet wires meet all requirements and applications while providing advanced services to boost manufacturing efficiency. Today we are a leading manufacturer of enamelled copper wire such as super enamelled copper wire, modified polyester copper wire and magnet copper wire from India. Manufactured with safe approach, these wires are available in different sizes and easy to handle. Enamelled copper wires is finely coated with a layer of insulation to prevent with a short circuit when it is being wound into coils. These wires offer excellent resistance to heat shocks and hence thereby suitable for high-speed winding. They further ensure a high endurance with able mechanical strength and impressive performance.

Distinguishing Features :


Conductor for cables are drawn from electrolytic grade Copper manufactured by using best raw material directly purchased from manufacturers to ensure compliance with global standards. Annealed conductors are bunched together on custom built heavy duty bunching machines to impart concrete shape to the conductor.


Enamelled Copper Wire is a wire coated with a thin layer of enamel (varnish) insulation of Polyvinyl Acetal (PVA/PVF), Polyester or Polyesterimide or any combination as per standards of customer requirements. The copper enamel magnet wire is classified by diameter (AWG number or SWG) or area (square mili meters), temperature class, and insulation class. The advantage of enamelled copper round winding wire is - makes for easy winding, it takes up less space in coil formation, lose less energy and is resistance to corrosion.

STANDARD PACKING: On Plastic, Metal and Wooden Spools

STANDARD LENGTH: As per customer requirements.

Note: The conductor construction given above is indicative only and will be such that all requirements to strand diameter and conductor resistance as per customer requirements. Polywin Industries will not be liable for damages arising due to incorrect installations.

Polyesterimied Enamelled Round Copper Wire
Nominal Conductor Diameter (mm) Grade 1 Grade 2  Grade 3
Minimum average force to failure (N) Minimum force to failure of each measurement (N) Minimum average force to failure (N) Minimum force to failure of each measurement (N) Minimum average force to failure (N) Minimum force to failure of each measurement (N)
0.250 2.85 2.45 4.70 4.00 5.80 4.90
0.280 3.10 2.60 5.05 4.30 6.25 5.30
0.315 3.35 2.80 5.45 4.60 6.70 5.70
0.355 3.60 3.05 5.85 4.95 7.20 6.10
0.400 3.85 3.25 6.25 5.30 7.70 6.50
0.450 4.15 3.50 6.75 5.70 8.25 7.00
0.500 4.45 3.75 7.20 6.10 8.85 7.50
0.560 4.75 4.05 7.70 6.50 9.50 8.05
0.630 5.10 4.35 8.25 7.00 10.20 8.65
0.710 5.45 4.65 8.85 7.50 10.90 9.25
0.800 5.85 4.95 9.50 8.05 11.70 9.90
0.900 6.30 5.35 10.2 8.60 12.50 10.6
1.000 6.75 5.75 10.9 9.20 13.30 11.3
1.120 7.35 6.20 11.6 9.80 14.20 12.0
1.250 7.90 6.70 12.5 10.5 15.20 12.9

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